IG: @cleangreenhealthyliving

The hard things are never fun. And why does it seem like they sometimes bust through your door all at once? You’re just chillin’ on your sofa watching Netflix and boom- a health problem strikes, your car breaks down, a new bill comes in, your friend is suffering, your depression hits again, and you run out of chocolate. Then you just ugly cry while you make dinner. [Totally hypothetical].

I was recently decompressing with my sister and she reminded me to shift my focus. Yeah, this stuff punches us in the gut. But maybe if it didn’t, we would be stuck somewhere in life even longer, instead of being pushed to grow. I can think back on a lot of hard times I’ve somehow survived, but they each made me stronger. Some of them taught me how to be bold and stand up for myself. Some of them taught me that I was in my own way in life, allowing my own head trash to take control of me. Some of them taught me to have more grace with others and see what its like to give your all and still come up short.


I’ve found that one of the best remedies is action. Take your moment to ugly cry and drive thru Starbucks. Then get your sh*t together and make something happen! I usually ask myself “what is one thing you could do right now that could change the way things are going?”. And then I do that thing.


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