Work Culture

IG: @cleangreenhealthyliving

Each time I attempt to explain the culture of my work life to someone, I feel like I can’t get any words out. Just really over-exaggerated, sweeping arm motions followed by my throat welling up from a threat of tears.

Jesus-lovers. People who push me hard. Love me harder. Late night talks. Quiet morning coffee. Ridiculous adventures. Outfit approvers.  Laugh until you can’t stand up straight. More coffee, always more coffee. Bosom friends (Anne of Green Gables, anyone?). Paying off debt. Giving more to others. Hard working mamas. People who dream so big, and refuse to let me settle for less. Wisdom. Compassion for those in need. Refusing to turn a blind eye. Willing to do the work. Not at all what I expected. So much that I needed.

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