Be Real Meals

I don’t know what I love more than breakfast for dinner. Wait, having coffee with that. And also cake. But I digress… let’s get back to the healthy side of things.

This meal takes about 20 minutes prep time. Get red potatoes, cube them. I use grape seed oil or avocado oil to coat them and then pull out that Everyday Seasoning from Trader Joes and spice it up! I use a lot. I put a bunch on the potatoes until I think “Wow, this is a lot”. And then I add a little more. Perfect. 400 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (until it browns).
Tip: Get the pre-cut baking sheets. I put one in a mixing bowl, dump my cubed potatoes in, oil, season, and then just lift it all out and transfer to the baking sheet. Now my cleanup is a joke. So easy. I’m not trying to do a bunch of dishes over here.

While the potatoes are baking…

Scramble eggs [5 min]. Open a can of organic black beans (Whole Foods has some that have non-BPA liners and they are around $1, holla!) [1 min]. Open a jar of salsa [If this takes you longer than 1 minute, time to go to the gym]. Sautée some spinach [3 min]. Cut up an avocado [2 min].

At the end I set this up like an assembly line: Eggs in pan, bowl of black beans, bowl of spinach, bowl of salsa, bowl of avocado. Everyone makes their own wrap. Dish potatoes off of pan. Enjoy your breakfast-for-dinner burritos!



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