Who I Am

I’m head-over-heals for my Savior, Jesus. I’m a wife and a friend. A hard-worker, but I love a good pair of sweatpants and covet unhurried coffee conversations.

I’ve had serious health issues in my family, several of which were related to heart conditions, strokes, and cancer. I’ve lost several family members and used to live in utter fear of who was next, including the fear that it was me.

I was introduced to Arbonne a few months after college and have been learning ever since (several years now).

From a health perspective, the company has taught me so much concerning how our bodies work and the truth behind diseases. It has pushed me to study and increase my understanding of health, which in turn decreased my fear immensely. We have so much control! I am always learning, and now always teaching you and anyone else who wants to produce health in their body without a vegan chef preparing your meals everyday, ha!

From a business perspective, I am continually blow away by how strong Arbonne’s business plan is, how much they want you to succeed, and how utterly life-giving the community is that I’m a part of. These people have become family to me, and trainings are like a reunion. Never have I experienced such hugging, running-through-the-parking-lot greetings, weepy phone conversations, and fiery truth spoken over my life, in every sense.

If Arbonne is a business you’d like to learn more about, it is my joy to share it!
Contact me: nicolebgero (at) gmail.com