Club Goin’ Up, on a Wednesday

I bought nail polish and a $5 watch with a face that’s bigger than mine, and Matthew bought a shirt that he dreamed about (totally normal) and got a haircut. You may not recognize us today.


Just a simple night, livin’ it up at TJ Maxx! Small nights like this make life fun. And I don’t know of any reason not to have as much fun as possible in this life.

Sometimes we have 6 loads of laundry piled up that we promise each other we’ll  do when we get home, but usually greater priorities take over- like eating dark chocolate and watching Monk. I haven’t cried about it, yet.

Today I’m thankful for sunshine, even though I’m a little bitter that it’s below 75 degrees. I’m dreaming of summer and sporting my new nail polish like everyone else should be jealous.

Happy Thursday!

What we had for dinner: (think: black beans, quinoa, peppers- yum!)

veggie patties